The Russian Connection

On Monday, James Comey confirmed that the ties between members of Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia have been under investigation. People on Trump’s campaign have resigned because of these associations, and the Attorney General has recused himself from participating in any investigation involving Trump’s election campaign. The Russians apparently hacked the DNC and Wikileaked e-mails that damaged Clinton’s campaign. There were allegations that the Russians had information on Trump that could be used to blackmail him. We know Trump has substantial business ties to Russia, although he has refused to disclose his tax returns. Trump has praised Putin, and the Republican platform was changed to reflect a more sympathetic view toward Russia.

In addition, Donald Trump has attempted to divert attention away from the “Russian Connection” by saying that the leaks were the real story. He accused the former president of “wire tapping” Trump Towers, and charged the British government with carrying out the spy mission after both political parties denied Obama spied on him via the FBI or CIA. Trump hired a number of people with experience making deals with Russia, including his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Trump has fired at least one person who was investigating the Russian connection, and he is installing liaison watchdogs in government agencies to ensure that government employees are loyal to him. He has repeatedly attacked the media for producing “fake news” on this story, and he has questioned the fairness of judges. We also know that Trump’s moral compass, when it comes to business dealings, points in only one direction–toward himself. Unlike any previous president, in only a few months, he has positioned himself to profit from being the president through his hotel lease in Washington D.C., the Mar-a-Lago resort, the Trump trademark rights recently granted by China, new international hotel deals, and the list goes on. It doesn’t take a PHD to conclude that Trump is hiding something.

Even though the Congress is dominated by members of his own party, investigations into the Trump Connection are underway in Congress as well as in the intelligence agencies. It does not seem as if the leaks were generated because Obama is trying to mastermind a coup, but because people inside the government know about the Trump Connection and have no other way to stand up to a president who may be a traitor.

The investigation will move slowly. The Russians can’t be compelled to testify. But, Trump’s former campaign workers may seek a life jacket if they realize that the Trump ship is taking on water. The CIA, NSA, and FBI have documentation of meetings and have recordings of Trump staff members communicating with the Russians. Eventually, if the evidence suggests that Trump himself was aware of any coördination or collusion with the Russians, a special prosecutor will probably be appointed. Trump will then be compelled to testify, minimally providing sworn testimony in an affidavit. If this prospect does not cause him to resign, can you imagine what his testimony would be like?

Len Jaworstcase (Special Prosecutor): Mr. President, did you have any contact with Russian officials or agents during your presidential campaign?

Donald Trump: I want to begin by saying that this is a fake interview. Fake. It was brought about by the fake media who lie all the time. The media have always been out to get me. Lies.

Len: Please answer the question.

Donald: I heard that Reince Priebus may have been talking to someone in Russia. I don’t know, but that’s the real story you should be investigating.If anyone is to blame, its Priebus. Of course, Clinton was talking to the Russians too. Why don’t you investigate her. So sad.

Len: Do you know if any members of your campaign were in contact with Russian officials or agents?

Donald: The so-called press has reported that people on my campaign, very bad people it turns out, had some meetings, but we all know that they never talked about politics. Obama is fostering this false story because the Democrats lost the election. He and Clinton can’t get over the fact that I won, fair and square, and I won big. You’ll have to ask my staff these questions.

Len: During the campaign, you encouraged the Russians to hack Clinton’s server to find the 30,000 e-mails that were missing from the time she was Secretary of State. Why did you do that?

Donald: Clinton should be locked up. I decided not to press charges against her. But, she was guilty alright. No one is looking into what she did during the election. And her husband? Disgusting. The liberal media strike again.

Len: You reportedly have business dealings with corrupt government officials relating to a Trump hotel in Azerbaijan. Are you aware of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that prohibits American businesses from making deals with corrupt officials overseas?

Donald: Give me a break. Look at China. Our corporations make deals over there all the time at the expense of American workers. China has the most corrupt government on the planet. The America people are worried about how unfair trade costs them jobs. Why don’t you go investigate Apple?

Len: Did you ever tell anyone on your staff to speak with the Russians about when to leak damaging information about Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC?

Donald: This is just sour grapes on the part of the Clinton campaign. Hillary lost the election. The Russians had nothing to do with my victory. The American people wanted to make America great again. I am doing that. Obama left many of his supporters in White House jobs, and they are undermining our democracy. Why do you think he is still living in DC? Why isn’t Congress investigating this?

Len: You realize that you are under oath, and that lying is a federal crime.

Donald: I don’t lie. I am the most truthful person ever.

How do you prosecute a person who lies all the time? The truth no longer has any meaning when lies are not questioned. Devaluing the truth makes it harder to criticize anyone’s actions. And evaluating people’s behaviors in a fact free environment becomes a foundationless, ideologically driven game of “might makes right.” How convenient for the billionaires.

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